Conseils Utiles Logement

From 20 to 300 employees

Action Logement consists of financial assistance for housing provided by private sector (non agricultural) companies with more than 20 employees as part of a national scheme initiated in 1953 to promote construction.

Action Logement is managed by the CIL/CCI and involves more than 217 000 companies and around 13 million employees.

The three main categories of finance :

  • Investments for rented accommodation (urban renewal, rented social housing, furnished accommodation),
  • aids for households (financing home ownership),
  • payments to the Foncière Logement – an organisation responsible for supplying new private rental properties destined, in priority, for company employees.

“Action logement” is now available to employees in a wide range of situations :

  • Employees in small companies (fewer than 10 employees)
  • Registered job seekers
  • Young people (30 years old, or younger, in work or looking for work) and students on a state grant
  • The disabled
  • Landlords
  • Owners of degraded jointly-owned properties


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