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Temporary Housing

If you are looking for temporary housing in the French Riviera, this service is for you

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Temporary employees : your help to the access to housing

Temporary employees ? Discover the help to the access to housing

Fastt, fund of social action of the temporary work, helps you to realize your real estate project: guaranteed to cover the owner, help to pay the pledge and the fees of real estate agencies, solutions of loans to finance the purchase of an apartment.


Temporary accommodation service

You are looking for temporary accommodation in the Alpes-Maritimes?

Our free service enables companies, employees and accommodation professionals to get in touch with each other. This service is reserved exclusively for those employed by companies in the Alpes-Maritimes: employees on temporary assignments, on fixed term contracts, students, seasonal workers and any employee seeking temporary housing.

Companies or employees can post their request for temporary housing using their access code.

You have an access code?

Click here : temporary housing

You wish to request a code, or a new code (if you have lost your previous code)?

Request a code by email to observatoire.immobilier.habitat@cote-azur.cci.fr. Once a code has been given, companies or their employees can make a request for housing. This request will be transferred immediately to those housing professionals, estate agents, residence services, and campsites which have signed the charter of commitment. The housing professionals are required to reply directly to the company or the employee within two days, if suitable accommodation is available.

Help with relocation


MOBILI-PASS : Loan or subsidy granted by Action Logement Services to an employee on professional mobility to cover certain costs related to access to rental housing

Who for?
Employees of a private sector enterprise – excluding the agricultural sector – of 10 or more employees.


Service for employees on professional mobility to help find housing.

Who for?
Employees of a private sector enterprise – excluding the agricultural sector – of 10 or more employees who: • are on voluntary or imposed professional mobility (hiring, transfer, relocation of the company); • wish to find housing close to their new place of work.



MOBILI-JEUNE is a subsidy paid to the tenant at the beginning of each quarter. Maximum amount of € 100 paid monthly, net of individual housing allowance.

Who can benefit ?

Young people under 30 years old who are in professional training (apprenticeship, work placement) in a private sector, non-agricultural company.

Help for students

Help with accommodation for students:

  • Student rental deposit (clé)
  • Bank guarantee
  • LOCA-PASS guarantee

For more information: www.crous-nice.fr

Aid for work-study students

I’m doing a work-study course and I’m aged between 15 and 30. What financial aid am I entitled to?


Accommodation for young people

In addition to our free temporary housing service which puts you in contact with accommodation professionals (estate agents, hotel residences and private student residences), there are Residences Habitat Jeunes (or Foyer Jeunes Travailleurs) open to young adults (18-25 years) employment status or apprenticeship looking for temporary housing. Six in number , the Hearth Young Workers are distributed near the main basins of jobs that are Nice, Cannes, Antibes and Grasse. They may be eligible for a housing allowance .

The list of Residences Habitat Jeunes:  click here