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On the occasion of the 7th Energy Festival held from 6 to 9 October throughout France, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) has shared its thoughts about what the housing of the future may look like. Some possible developments …

  • Shared collective housing. Lack of space and soaring property prices are pushing individuals to adapt: Flat sharing, intergenerational living, cooperative housing, but also housing for young couples on low incomes or for single-parent families.
  • Shared equipment. For save money, individuals may need to share common areas or amenities: garden, laundry, kitchen, appliances, etc.
  • Small scalable housing. The changing composition of the family is leading to a need for smaller homes (two or three rooms) for single people or small families. Modular and scalable housing should also become more common.
  • A connected habitat. The emergence of smartphones and home automation is expected to increase in the coming years. Individuals will increasingly be able to control their equipment (shutters, lighting, heating etc.) remotely. Providing home care for the elderly is also a real challenge.
  • Environmentally friendly housing. Faced with global warming issues, new construction methods that are more respectful of the environment will become widespread. New building standards are being set up, such as positive energy buildings.
  • Adapting to climate change. Sunscreens, better insulation, less energy-hungry cooling techniques, deeper foundations and more rigid structures to fight against landslides, should all start to appear.
  • Powerful equipment. Appliances will be more efficient in electricity and water consumption. They will also last longer and will be connected, and controlled remotely.


Read the full article (in French): www.pap.fr

For more information: www.ademe.fr