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Funding for home improvements

Interest-free eco loan

The interest-free eco loan (éco-PTZ) is granted under certain conditions to fund energy saving home improvements. This loan is available until 31 December 2018.

The maximum amount of the interest-free loan is €30,000  per home.

Only one loan per home and per building is authorised.

Who can benefit?

Homeowners who  occupy or have rented out their main residence that was constructed before 1990.

Bank Eco-loans

These loans are granted by banks to finance improvements to increase energy efficiency in homes.

Who can benefit ?

The same conditions as for the tax credit apply, but loans cover all costs, including installation.

Who to contact ?

Your bank.

PAS Homeownership social loan

The homeownership social loan mortgage (PAS) is an state-approved loan with a fixed upper limit interest rate granted by certain financial institutions. It is designed to promote home ownership for low to middle income families for their main residence only. The borrower may be eligible for Personalised Housing Aid (APL).

Who can benefit?

For households wishing to buy, build, or renovate their main residence, and whose joint income (of all individuals intending to use the home as their main residence) does not exceed a fixed upper limit.

Who to contact?
Your bank or financial institution which have signed an agreement with the state.

Home improvements loan

This loan can cover 80% of the cost of improvements (capped).

Who can benefit?
For those receiving family allowance. Means tested.

Employees and non-salaried agricultural workers, go to the MSA site (Mutuelle Sociale Agricole)  click here.