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Help with legal problems

If you are facing a legal problem, you are victim of a crime, involved in a dispute (with an individual or an institution) or with the law, or for any legal questions regarding housing, there are a number of oganisations that can help you :

  • ADIL 06  (Housing Information Agency)
    This agency offers free, objective information about any legal problems : click here


  • Legal aid
    You may benefit from legal aid if your income is low. This aid covers part or all the costs of using of a bailiff and a lawyer. You may pick up an application form for legal aid from the Tribunal de Grande Instance (Family court) of Nice or of Grasse, from an “antenne de justice” or from a local “maison du droit”.


  • “Antennes de justice”
    Advisors can direct you towards the right legal professionals. They can also help with some paperwork. Addresses of “Antennes de Justice” : click here


  • Legal protection contract
    This contract is a system of protection which can cover the costs of receiving legal assistance. It is a guarantee that can be used during litigation. Contact your insurance company or bank to see if your are eligible.


  • Free mediation service

All real estate professionals are required to make available a free mediation service to their clients. Whether you have a dispute concerning a property purchase or rental property management, you can contact a free and independent mediation service. For more information : click here