Help with arrears

You are a tenant and you are having difficulties paying your rent?   There are some solutions.

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Temporary loan to help with rent payments

If you fall into arrears with your rent or service charges, the CAF may intervene to help. Notify the Alpes Maritimes CAF benefits office and they will try to find a personalised solution, help in negotiations between the tenant and the landlord, keep up any housing benefit payments while the arrears are being paid off, and put you in contact with other financial aid agencies (FSL).

If you are renting from the provate sector and have dependent children, a social worker will get in touch to help you find a suitable solution.


Who can benefit ?

Anyone receiving housing benefit

FSL – Housing Solidarity Fund

The housing solidarity fund (FSL) can help you pay off your rent or service charge arrears or utility bills with financial aid in the form of an allowance and /or loan. The FSL can also take preventive action in extreme cases to maintain essential payments such as rent and electricity. These financial aids are paid directly to the owner or utility supplier. Any housing benefit would also be paid directly to the landlord.

Who can benefit ?

For those facing difficulties paying their rented accommodation due to low income or particular situation.

CIL-PASS assistance

If you are having difficulty finding housing or keeping your rented accommodation due to particular, unforeseen circumstances, the CIL-PASS ASSISTANCE can help you:

  • Pay your rent
  • Find suitable accommodation

Who can benefit?

Employees working for a private sector, non- agricultural company with a workforce of more than 10, employees  working in the public sector whose employer pays into the 1% housing fund.

Any tenant of a primary residence facing difficulties having an impact on housing.