Financial aid for housing

LOCA-PASS guarantee

The Loca-Pass allows a free-of-charge advance of the deposit required to access a rental property to be used as a primary residence.

Who can benefit ?

Employees of a private-sector, non agricultural company who have retired within the last 5 years, seasonal workers, students on work placement courses or seeking employment, scholarship students.

VISALE – Rent arrears loan

The garantee VISALE is a guarantee provided by Action Logement to cover rent and service charge arrears for tenants in the private sector living in their main residence.

Who can benefit?

Newly contracted employees of private sector (non-agricultural) companies  who are taking out a rental contract in the private sector, and all households who are taking out a rental contract in the private sector via an approved rental agency.

FSL – Housing Solidarity Fund

The General Council’s Solidarity Fund for Housing (FSL), provides aid to facilitate access to housing. This aid is also given by Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur ( if your accommodation is on this area)   The FSL can help you with a number of expenses related to moving into new accommodation through grants and / or loans. It may also provide a rental guarantee to the owner. Apart from moving-in costs, all subsidies will be paid directly to the owner or the estate agency. The housing allowance will also be paid directly to the owner.

Who can benefit ?

For people who are struggling to stay in their homes because of their limited resources or situation. This fund is allocated according to the applicant’s housing situation and resources.

Help with relocation

You may be eligible for specific help if you are relocating for work or studies :