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Observatoire Immobilier d’Habitat : results for the first half of 2017 and prospect

Le 19 September 2017

The Nice Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, through its Observatoire Immobilier d’Habitat  (Housing Property Observatory)*, carried out a study of the new and resale housing market in the first half of 2017, evoking the outlook for the coming months.
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The importance of the home rénovations Business in France

Le 25 July 2017

A study carried out by the Housing Improvement Club (Club de l’amélioration de l’habitat – CAH) has revealed the importance of the housing renovations business in France and provides some facts about the sector.

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Property market 06: A significant improvement at last

Le 27 March 2017

An exceptional year for new homes and confirmation of renewed activity in resale market .

On March 2, the OIH presented to some 200 professionals its annual report on the property market which showed particularly satisfying figures:

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Le 19 January 2017

The Housing Guide for workers provides information about tax breaks linked to property and the Finance Act. As announced in April 2016, a number of property tax exemptions have been extended until december 2017 :

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Logement en Europe : des différences très marquées d’un pays à l’autre

Le 25 November 2016

Le Crédit Foncier a publié une étude sur le logement en Europe, dont il ressort de très fortes disparités.

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Launch of national network of authorities against vacant housing

Le 23 November 2016

The Minister for Housing and Sustainable Homes, Emmanuelle Cosse, has just announced the launch of a national network of local authorities against vacant housing.

The goal of this network is to highlight the work of local authorities and to encourage the sharing of best practices to speed up the process whereby vacant housing becomes available on the market. This announcement is part of the « Mobilisons les énergies » programme.

The Minister emphasized that: « making vacant housing in the private sector available plays a key role in helping us reach our objectives to provide affordable housing for all and a social mix».

Concretely, this national network will allow authorities to share best practices to identify vacant housing, to help property owners, and to make sure such housing becomes available on the market as rapidly as possible.

More information : www.logement.gouv.fr

The Garantie Visale : The State acts as guarantor for the under 30s

Le 8 November 2016

Since September 30th 2016, the garantie Visale (Visa for housing and jobs) has been extended to the under 30s.
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Housing of the future: see what’s coming!

Le 7 November 2016

On the occasion of the 7th Energy Festival held from 6 to 9 October throughout France, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) has shared its thoughts about what the housing of the future may look like. Some possible developments …
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The French Riviera housing property market in the first half of 2016

Le 15 September 2016

The momentum is there, despite some underlying problems.

A press conference, organised by the French Riviera CCI, through its Housing Observatory, was held on September 15th 2016 to assess the situation regarding real estate in the first half of 2016.

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Changes to housing benefits: Are you affected?

Le 1 September 2016

Since July 1 2016, changes have been made in the way the APL (Personalised Housing Allowance) is calculated. This may impact thousands of tenants who could see their allowance reduced or even stopped.

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Energy Performance: The new « energy-carbon» label

Le 10 August 2016

Ségolène Royal and Emmanuelle Cosse have launched the creation of an « energy-carbon» label to encourage the construction of buildings with positive energy and low carbon emissions.

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PEL interest rate: Down to 1% from August 1 2016

Le 3 August 2016

Since August 1 2016 the PEL (home savings plan) interest rate has dropped to 1%, a decrease of 0.5%, while the Livret A interest rate will remain at 0.75% until August 2017.

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Immobilier neuf : les ventes ont bondi de plus de 20% au premier trimestre 2016

Le 20 May 2016

Les ventes des promoteurs aux propriétaires occupants ont bondi de 20,3 % au premier trimestre 2016.

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The future ray eco-district in Nice

Le 9 May 2016

Housing, an urban leisure park and sports halls will be built in place of the legendary football stadium to create the Ray eco-district.

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Energy renovations: government fixes objective for 70,000 homes to be retrofitted

Le 4 May 2016

Accelerating the energy renovation of housing is the ambitious objective fixed by the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the sea and the Ministry of Sustainable Housing.

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Pinel tax incentive extended until end of 2017

Le 21 April 2016

The Pinel tax incentive has helped, over the past year, to boost the sales of new homes to investors. This incentive is now to be extended until the end of 2017.
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The housing market on the French Riviera

Le 29 March 2016

Despite an upturn in 2015, the French Riviera is still suffering from a housing shortage.
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Property disputes : a free mediation service available

Le 9 March 2016

All real estate professionals are required to make available a mediation service to their clients. Whether you have a dispute concerning a property purchase or rental property management, you can contact a free and independent mediation service.
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The PEL savings plan is interesting for borrowers at last

Le 1 March 2016

Since February 1, 2016 the interest rate for the PEL savings plan (property purchase savings plan) savings plan has dropped from 2% to 1.5%. Note that for savings plans opened before this date the interest rate conditions have not changed.

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Energy-efficiency home improvements exhibitions

Le 22 February 2016

Did you know that a building loses some 30% of its heat through the roof? Is your home wasting your money without you knowing?

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Martelly neighbourhood in Grasse: a vast city centre revitalization project

Le 20 February 2016

This urban renewal project, which covers the whole neighbourhood of 2.2 hectares, aims to prioritise both the quality of architecture and quality of life.

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