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Property market 06: A significant improvement at last

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An exceptional year for new homes and confirmation of renewed activity in resale market .

On March 2, the OIH presented to some 200 professionals its annual report on the property market which showed particularly satisfying figures:

ales of new homes saw an increase of 28% in one year, higher than the national rate, and a level of activity (more than 4100 homes) that has not been seen since 2003!

The same goes for resales, which also saw a net resurgence in activity (+13% in the number of sales in the existing housing stock over one year).

In this context, prices have remained relatively stable, at 5,226 € m2 for new builds and 3,889 € m2 for resales.

The reasons for this rise are well known: exceptionally low mortgage interest rates and attractive incentives – Pinel for investors in new builds, and zero percent loans (PTZ) have contributed to this dynamic. It is also true that property is considered something of a safe investment in an uncertain economic context.

This said, these results must be put into perspective. The current mismatch between supply and demand means that any real positive evolution will only be known after a continued effort in the construction of new homes, particularly those in the intermediate price range.

On top of that, the slight increase in interest rates coupled with the uncertainty generated by the elections may have an impact on the level of activity.