Acheter un logement

The cost of housing

Find out in real-time how much you will need to buy property on the French Riviera. This overview of the real-estate market has been validated by local professionals.

The statistics are provided by the Observatoire Immobilier d’Habitat which has been studying the property market on the French Riviera for more than 35 years. More information on:

N.B.: The figures represent average prices per m2, and are for information only. They are not intended to be used to evaluate the value of a property.

To have an idea of the real-estate market, it is also important to consider:

  • the exact location of a property,
  • its condition,
  • the quality of its features.

An on line “housing map” from Fnaim Côte d’Azur is a useful tool for property sellers to analyse the real-estate market neighbourhood by neighbourhood :